At Mosaic Red Hat Group, we build opportunity by investing in brands, people and systems designed for what’s next because a better tomorrow requires the right pieces today. Since entering the Arby’s system in 2014, this mission statement has served as the foundation of our growth. Our success comes from the strong leadership of our employees, many of whom have been with us since the beginning. When identifying a leader, Mosaic looks for four values: 1) ambition 2) integrity 3) versatility and 4) connectivity. Our leaders should be ambitious and want to achieve higher professional and personal growth. This growth should be completed with integrity. There are no cutting corners. And to grow, there are many obstacles that one must overcome. Our leaders must be versatile and demonstrate high levels of critical thinking. Most importantly, as we enter this digital age, our leaders must be connected to their fellow employees, customers and business to succeed as a leader and peer.

We pride ourselves on our leadership development programs. We work diligently to develop and support our talented staff through education, empathy and attentiveness. We strive to develop all our employees so they can reach their full potential in not only their professional lives but their personal lives as well. We offer opportunities for personal and career development, competitive benefits and access to cutting edge technology. In addition, we provide support to our operators through our Human Resources, Accounting and Operations departments. We do all of this so our employees experience a higher quality workplace, which allows us to create a higher quality service for our customers.


Our History – Building on a Solid Foundation

In March 2014, Mosaic Red Hat Group acquired 13 Arby’s restaurants located in Tampa, Florida with a development agreement to build out additional restaurants in the region. Today, Mosaic has grown to 45 Arby’s located across the Southeast in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Our growth can be attributed to the strong values and vision that Mosaic has as a company. Our mission statement is “we build opportunity by investing in brands, people and systems designed for what’s next, because a better tomorrow requires the right pieces today.”

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